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How to make a donation to Diabetes NZ Rotorua using Givealittle

What is Givealittle?

Givealittle is an online fundraising platform that is owned by the Spark Foundation. It is a safe and secure way to donate money to our organization using the internet. The minimum amount that you can donate is $1. A PDF receipt is emailed to you that you can use if you wish to claim a donation rebate on your tax return at the end of the year.

You can donate by credit card or debit card, or through a Givealittle member account which can be topped up by your bank account. Givealittle vouchers are another way to give.

It’s not only your money that’s worth something, to us so is your voice! Let your friends and family know about this great cause you’re supporting by sharing a link on your Facebook or Twitter, or embedding a link on your own website.


If you’re new to Givealittle, then firstly you need to register:

·         Go to https:/.givealittle.co.nz

·         Click on the <LOGIN> tab at the top of the page

·         Scroll down and click on <Register now>

·         Fill in the form and tick the box to say you agree with Givealittle’s terms and conditions

·         Click on <REGISTER>


To make a one-off donation

·         Using the <Search> field at the top of the page search for “Diabetes NZ Rotorua Branch”

·         Select the Organisation page, clicking on  <DONATE>

·         Fill in the form and then click <PROCEED TO PAYMENT>

·         Enter your details  and CONFIRM.


To make a regular donation to Diabetes NZ Rotorua Branch

·         Using the <Search> field at the top of the page search for “Diabetes NZ Rotorua Branch”

·         Select the Organisation page by clicking on the logo

·         Select <ADD TO PLAN>

·         Then select “I want to create a new plan” and <CONTINUE>

·         Fill in the form – give the plan a name and enter the amount and frequency of payments and whether you want to set it up as an ongoing thing, or just for a month/year/whatever.

·         If you select the Payroll Giving option you will receive a form to complete, which will then need to go to your work’s payroll department.

About Us

We are a Branch of Diabetes New Zealand Inc. Charities Commission Registration: CC11432

Diabetes New Zealand Inc.

Our mission is to ensure that every person in New Zealand affected by, or at risk of diabetes has access to the information and support needed to manage their health and well-being.