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Your Diabetes Healthcare and Local Diabetes Services

Lakes District Health Board (DHB) is one of 21 DHBs established in 2001, and is responsible for healthcare services in the Lakes area, which includes the Rotorua and Taupo regions. The DHB funds secondary providers and primary providers, private providers, Maori providers, mental health service providers and non-government organisations. The DHB is also responsible for needs assessment of its population, and for planning health service delivery.

How is diabetes care organised locally? The national framework for diabetes outlines the relationships between various people and processes involved in the provision of diabetes care within the DHB.

The Local Diabetes Team (LDT) plays a central role in advising on diabetes services in the area. The LDT is a team of people that meets every two months and reports to the DHB on all matters relating to diabetes. The team is comprised of just over twenty individuals, representing a wide range of patient and provider interests (including our Diabetes NZ Rotorua representative, Karen Reed).

Your diabetes care may come from one of many provider arms, or a combination of several; these may include:

  • Primary care/ GP practice
  • Maori or Pacific Island services
  • Hospital-based specialist services
  • Eye care services

It is important that you know who is coordinating your diabetes care, and who you can turn to for help.

Get Checked!

Until recently, the Government funded one free health check per year for all eligible people living with diabetes in New Zealand. This was known as the Get Checked Program.

The Government have now replaced the Get Checked Program with the Diabetes Care Improvement Package.

The decision to replace the Get Checked programme follows an in-depth review of the programme which found that it has not been producing the desired improvement in outcomes for people with diabetes. [The review was co-authored by Dr Brandon Orr-Walker, National Clinical Director of Diabetes and can be downloaded from HERE]

The Get Checked programme was stopped on 30 June 2012 and replacement services have supposedly commenced from 1 July 2012. What the "replacement services" provided under the auspices of Lakes DHB is yet to be verified.

Will we have to pay for our annual reviews? It is possible that some part-payment may be required.

Let us know your views on the matter - either e-mail or use our facebook page (see the left column)

In the meantime, watch this space - we'll keep you informed.

Whatever the specifics, it is very important to note that all people with diabetes should continue to have a routine annual check as part of their diabetes care.

>> More about Annual Checks

Help with healthcare costs

The New Zealand healthcare system can be a bit of a jungle, especially to newcomers, or those who have previously been in good health and not used it much. As a person with diabetes, you will probably be utilising various health services on a regular basis - and this can lead to rising healthcare costs. However, there are ways that the Government help to subsidise people with chronic conditions - such as diabetes:

  • Subsidised Medicines and other Diabetes Supplies
  • Community Services Card
  • High Use Health Card
  • Pharmaceutical Subsidy Card

>> More information on the Ministry of Health Website

The Rotorua Specialists

Diabetes Nurse Specialists
Wendy Gifford

Fiona Seekup
Tel (07) 348 1199 Extn 8877

Diabetes Dietitians
Krystal Whiu
Eruera Maxted
Jenny McKinley
Tel (07) 348 1199 Extn 8465

Consultant Physician (Diabetologist)
Dr Nic Crook
Tel (07) 348 1199 Extn 8841

Medical Outpatients, Rotorua Hospital,
Cnr Arawa and Ranolf Streets (Pukeroa Street)
Tel (07) 3497981